Room 101 Serie HN 808

I’ve been meaning to do this review for a while and life just kept getting in the way, my apologies.  On the bright side, the extra time afforded me the chance to smoke a shit-ton of these cigars. And I honestly do mean a shit-ton, I’ve easily killed a box in the last month.

OK, enough crap, on to the HN! I finally found a beer to pair with this cigar… Thomas Creek Brewery Banana Split Chocolate Stout.hnreview1

I’m not a ring gauge fanatic, things like the Espinosa F Bomb and the 7×70 Asylum are interesting, but not something I’d smoke with any sort of regularity.  That said, the 808, at 6×60, is one of my favorite cigar sizes of all time.

Construction:  No surprises here.  Construction is exactly what I’ve come to expect from Room 101 and the Camacho factory.

hnreview3 hnreview2

And of course, in true Room 101 tradition, there is the usual goody underneath the glued portion of the band. (It really is all that and a bucket of chicken!)hnreviewkfc

Burn: Honestly, my only gripe with Room 101 in general is the burn.  I’ve never gotten a razor sharp burn out of one.  It doesn’t matter what humidity to which they’d been exposed.  That said, it’s also incredibly rare that I’ve had to do a touch up on one.  The HN is no exception, burn wavers around but never requires touch up.

hnreview8 hnreview7 hnreview4

Flavor:  This is one of the categories in which the HN shines brightest.  Obviously, the Honduran Criollo lends the signature pepper to the body of this cigar and keeps it solidly in the medium body/full flavored category.  The pepper is rather unique though, nearly a light white pepper.  It is definitely not the same level of white pepper found in spice beasts like the La Flor Dominicana Mysterio.  The flavor of the pepper in the HN is quite similar to that found in the Mysterio, but masterfully tempered down to a medium body, making it a much more ‘smokeable’ cigar for the masses.

Now, you might be wondering why I chose a Banana Split Chocolate Stout to pair with this cigar…..and that would be a damn good question.  Here’s the truly unique part of the flavor profile.  There’s a very pronounced peanut butter facet to the flavor profile that combines with a fairly non-descript slight sweetness that brings forward memories of PBJ sandwiches from childhood days.  This part actually took me a while to peg down.  I almost immediately got the PBJ feel, but with the sweetness being so non-descript, it was difficult to pin down exactly what the flavor was…..So, in the name of science I smoked a few dozen more!


Final Grade: A+   This cigar is ridiculous and easily smokeable by almost anyone…even better, the 808 has a retail of $7.70/stick at my local shop.  Between the unique flavor and great price, it’s easy to overlook the minor burn variance.

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